Strategic Planning

The wave of business moves quickly and is ever-changing. Use our services to ensure your team is aligned to an effective overall strategy to optimize your business results.

Business Process Improvements

Efficient business processses require both art and science.  NLighten Consulting provides uniquely creative solutions to analytical problems in order to optimize your business. 

Continuous Optimization

Ongoing changes in business require nimble readjustments.  Partnering with us to monitor and adjust day-to-day business operations will ensure you keep pace.

Project Management / PMO

Talented industry experts can offer fantastic services, yet still not succeed. We can ensure projects are run effectively or build your complete Program Management Office.

Leader Development

With experience leading divisions in multiple Fortune 500 organizations, we can help support you in your transition to executive-level leadership and create your initial plan. 

Sustainability Initiatives and Tracking

Let us help you build your sustainability initiatives across your organization or track, monitor, and report carbon footprint.